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What is LASIK?

Am I a good candidate
for LASIK?

When is LASIK not for me?

What are the risks?

What should I expect before, during, and after surgery?

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What is LASIK?

With an initial consultation at our office, we’ll determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK. We’ll explain the procedure and answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll explain what results you can reasonably expect by measuring your prescription and thoroughly examining your eyes.

The procedure will be scheduled with our partner, TLC Laser Eye Centers. TLC has a consistent record of doing what is best for the patient. In fact, many people choose TLC based upon their reputation for excellent patient care. We work closely together to ensure your complete care and recovery with a coordinated team of doctors and eye care professionals at TLC and Dr. McArdle’s office.

Take a look at the TLC website to learn all about LASIK. It answers many of the questions you may be asking yourself, like “am I a good candidate,” “how long is recovery” or “will it hurt?”

Of course, aftercare is very important. We’ll arrange a follow-up care schedule with your to monitor your recovery and satisfaction. Our familiarity with your eyes and history put us in  the best position to continue to provide vision care after your procedure.